Brain tumour [top]

  • Gradual onset of headache chronic headache seizure
  • Neurological deficit
  • Signs of raised intracranial pressure, papilloedema

Giant cell arteritis [top]

  • Subacute headache chronic headache
  • Aching pain over temple, worse on brushing hair
  • Associated with polymyalgia rheumatica: Proximal muscle pain and stiffness
  • Risk of sudden loss of vision due to ophthalmic artery occlusion
  • Elevated ESR

Cluster headache [top]

  • Typically recurrent daily attacks for a number of weeks then a period of remission acute headache chronic headache
  • Unilateral orbital, supraorbital or temporal burning / boring pain duration several hours
  • Often described as the most severe pain ever experienced

Medication-induced headache [top]

  • Chronic headache
  • History of relevant drug e.g. nitrates
  • Can develop rebound headache due to long term usage of paracetamol, codeine or NSAIDs

Cervicogenic headache [top]

  • Chronic hemicranial pain referred from neck chronic headache
  • Worse on neck movment
  • Cervical X ray may show degenerative change

Tension headache [top]

  • Acute or chronic, acute headache chronic headache may be recurrent
  • Sensation of tightness, constricting band
  • Associated with psychological stress

Visual strain [top]

  • Chronic headache
  • Due to refractive error, worse after reading