Acromegaly [top]

  • Change in appearance with coarsening of features
  • Large hands
  • Macroglossia
  • Diabetes
  • Hoarseness

Hypoglycaemia [top]

  • Syncope, transient neurological deficit
  • Preceded by sweating, hunger
  • History of diabetes / insulin
  • Preceded by hunger, sweating, disorientation
  • Usually known diabetic
  • Excessive insulin or insufficient food

Spinal abscess [top]

  • Progressive onset of back pain or leg weakness chronic back pain
  • Fever may be present or absent
  • Elevated inflammatory markers
  • Risk factors: Spinal surgery, diabetes, lumbar puncture, epidural

Candidiasis [top]

  • Sore throat, dysphagia
  • White plaques
  • Associated immunosupression, antibiotics, diabetes

Intermittent claudication [top]

  • Cramping leg pain
  • Predictable onset after exertion
  • Relieved by rest
  • Poor peripheral pulses
  • History of peripheral vascular disease, diabetes, smoker, IHD
  • AssociatedImpotence - Leriche's syndrome