Metatarsalgia [top]

  • Forefoot pain foot pain
  • Tenderness of metatarsal heads
  • Risk factors: Tight shoes, rheumatoid arthritis, trauma

Pes cavus [top]

  • Pathologically high foot arch foot deformity
  • Associated with neurological disease such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and Friedreich's ataxia

Morton's metatarsalgia [top]

  • Pain in ball of foot shooting to affected toes due to neuroma of digital nerve
  • Burning and tingling of affected toes
  • Risk factors: Tight footwear, Middle age

March fracture [top]

  • Stress fracture of metatarsal due to recurrent stress
  • Cramping pain and swelling in affected forefoot foot pain
  • Point of tenderness over affected metatarsal
  • Common in soldiers, walkers

Pes planus [top]

  • Loss of medial foot arch foot deformity
  • Ache on walking long distance