Viral labyrinthitis [top]

  • Acute onsetvertigo, nystagmus
  • Nausea, vomiting

Brain stem stroke [top]

  • Sudden onset of vertigo, nystagmus, cerebellar signs
  • May be associated with brainstem cranial nerve signs
  • Risk factors of embolic stroke

Vestibular neuronitis [top]

  • Sudden onset of vertigo and nystagmus in otherwise well individual
  • Absence of other associated symptoms
  • Self limiting but can be severe and disabling

Drug-induced vertigo [top]

  • Vertigo
  • History of relevant drug: alcohol, phenytoin, barbituates, gentamycin, quinine, salicylates
  • May be associated nystagmus, slurred speech

Multiple sclerosis [top]

  • Multiple distinct neurological deficits over a period of time
  • Hemiplegia, nystagmus, vertigo, muscle weakness, dysphasia transient neurological deficit
  • Optic atrophy