Causes of Toe pain or deformity

Hammer toe [top]

  • Deformity of proximal interphalangeal joint of toe with tip pointing down toe deformity
  • Causes: Poorly-fitting shoes, Neurological disease, Rheumatoid arthritis

Claw toe [top]

  • Tip of toe points inferiorly and posteriorly

Hallux valgus [top]

  • Lateral deviation of big toe toe deformity
  • Associated with bunion and development of osteoarthritis of big toe joint
  • Risk factors: Familial, tight footwear, women

Hallux rigidus [top]

  • Pain and stiffness of big toe toe pain
  • Swelling of 1st metacarpophalangeal joint with osteophytes
  • Risk factors: Male, Familial, Active - runners